It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Kirby Rowe in the capacity of a Graphic Design position.

Kirby and I worked together at Cushman Wakefield (formerly Cassidy Turley/DTZ), where I was her colleague and manager from 2012 to 2018.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Kirby and came to know her as a truly valuable asset to our team. She is a highly creative, collaborative, honest, dependable and incredibly hard-working graphic designer. Beyond that, Kirby is an impressive problem solver who is always able to address complex issues with strategy and confidence. She is a great communicator and connecter; a designer who is inspired by challenges and never intimidated by them.

A unique aspect of Kirby as a creative graphic designer: she is highly creative, but also highly organized. There were many times when Kirby was able to voluntarily step up to the plate and help our team save a deadline. Our team consistently depended on her unique design capabilities and her detective’s sense in solving complex technical issues and mysteries.

Along with her undeniable talents, Kirby has always been an absolute joy to work with. She is a true team player, and always manages to add fun, foster positive discussions and bring the best out of other employees. Her love of family and animals has fostered many fun conversations and bonding between our team members. We will all miss her dearly.

Design Manager
(Managed Kirby at Cushman & Wakefield)

It is my pleasure to recommend Kirby Rowe for a position with your organization. Kirby and I have worked together for the past six years. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her and have come to know Kirby as one of the most dependable members of the marketing team. Her expansive creative design knowledge, attention to detail and strong communication skill make her a valuable asset to any fast paced working environment. Kirby is always eager to accept new challenges and propose marketing design ideas that never fail to impress regardless of time constraints or deadlines.

Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Kirby for a position and know that her dedication and positive attitude would make her a truly beneficial member of you organization.

Executive Administrator
(Worked with Kirby at Cushman & Wakefield)

Kirby is a talented designer and is great to work with. Her eye for detail, and communication to solving problems are valuable traits. She is a passionate designer and always seems to have great awareness of new creative strategies and technology, which makes her a great asset to any company.

Digital Designer
(Worked with Kirby at Cushman & Wakefield)

Kirby is a pleasure to work with. She is a talented designer with an impeccable eye for detail. I enjoy Kirby's creativity on small and large projects alike; she always turns out a first-class product we are proud to share with clients. Our clients constantly praise Kirby's eye for design in the marketing materials she produces.

Leasing Executive
(Worked with Kirby at Cushman & Wakefield)

I would like to recommend Kirby Rowe for a position with your company. Her performance working as a graphic designer for Sharp Marketing proved that she would be a valuable addition to any company. I have worked with Kirby over the last year. She did graphic design, social media, and other marketing work for me on a contract basis. If I had a full time position available, I would have loved to hire her on a permanent basis. Kirby distinguished herself as a creative graphic designer with excellent communication skills.

She worked extremely well with clients and was dedicated to her work. Everything was always completed on time and in a quick and efficient manner. I believe she would be an extremely positive asset to any organization. If I can be of further assistance, or provide you with any further information, please give me a call or an email.

(Freelance Client)

Kirby Rowe worked as a Marketing and Communications Intern for the summer of 2009. The Montana Lottery hires college students to be brand ambassadors at a number of fairs and other events across the state. Interns are responsible for planning and implementing the events, and staffing the Lottery’s sales booth at the events. In addition, interns interview winners and write and distribute press releases; write and edit newsletter articles, radio copy, newspaper ad copy; and assist with the Lottery’s entire public relations and marketing efforts.

One of Kirby’s jobs for the summer was to design, edit and lay out our retailer newsletter. Kirby is a very skilled and talented writer and designer, and with her leadership, the intern team wrote an informative newsletter to update the Lottery’s retailers on current events. Kirby also developed all the signage needed to advertise the Lottery’s special deals throughout the summer. We were selling a Monopoly® Scratch game that summer, and wanted to have some activity that brought attention to that game. Kirby created a very clever promotion and designed the materials needed to implement the promotion. One item that stands out in my mind is her creation of an entry box made from Monopoly® game boards. She also developed a promotion for us to give players extra play activity when they bought $10 in Lottery tickets. It is a promotion we continue to offer at our events.

On a personal basis, Kirby is very easy to work with. She is articulate, creative, hard-working, and exceeds at time management. She is a good writer, and is able to adapt her writing to various audiences. She is also a skilled graphic artist. I highly recommend her for any position where she can put her skills to good use.

Former Communications Manager
(Managed Kirby at Montana Lottery)

This letter is to serve as my formal recommendation for Kirby Rowe. Kirby has been one of three Marketing and Communications interns for the summer of 2009. She worked under my direct supervision between May 18 and August 21, 2009. During her time here as an intern, Kirby has consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and a dedication to success. Her efforts have produced high quality results time and time again. During her internship, Kirby assisted in the development and implementation of several events and promotions. She assisted the Lottery’s marketing team in our Summer Events tour, a variety of marketing plans and promotional campaigns and assisted players in our Winner Awareness Program. This required her to create promotional materials, organize itineraries, draft proposals and outlines, write and distribute press releases, edit winner stories on the Montana Lottery website and other various tasks as assigned.

Though Kirby was an intern, she was also in an unofficial leadership role. Many of her co-workers sought her advice and support while working at Lottery summer events. Kirby displayed comfort in her leadership role, and also offered exceptional customer service to Lottery players and retailer alike. For these reasons, I highly recommend Kirby Rowe. If you have any questions regarding Kirby’s employment with the Montana Lottery or this recommendation, please contact me.

Business Consultant & Trainer
(Managed Kirby at Montana Lottery)